Elaias Thea

Sitting next to a junction, on a bend in the main road, you’d be forgiven for just driving straight passed Elaias Thea. That would be your loss though, as the food there is fantastic, and the sunset even better

We first visited on our holiday two years ago, happy to find it a couple of kilometers away from the villa. We loved the food, marveled at the view and drank plenty of Charma. They were never overly busy and the service was good.

They seem to have become more popular in the intervening two years, as when we pitch up for the first of our visits this holiday, you couldn’t get near the place. It turned out that a Christening celebration was happening, which took up about half of their exterior floor space. An English lady just in front, had arrived for a table of twelve, plus there were four large tables reserved for some other locals celebrating something or other.

Luckily, we managed to get a table for four, with out a reservation. If you decide to go on the weekend, you may want to make one, to avoid any potential disappointment. Given how busy they were, service was friendly and prompt and the food as good as we remembered. We over ordered and were all stuffed to the gunnels by the time we left.

It’s easy to over order and to over eat. To start, with, they bring you a plate with mizithra and tomato, and a basket of warm bread. Once you’ve finished your meal, they bring out a plate with four small portions of dessert, and some of the local rocket fuel. Like I said, it’s very easy to over order and to over eat.

On, our second visit this holiday, they weren’t quite as busy, but still had to move some tables around to accommodate us. Service was a touch patchy, we had to chase up our beer, which lead to confusion and an error in the bill, which was resolved with out fuss or drama.

Our favourite dishes are from the meze selection; courgette fritters, stuffed courgette flowers and fava. I found the aubergine dip too creamy and the deep fried cheese in pastry, with honey and carob, to be too jarring with other savory plates. Our daughter really liked her grilled chicken and our son his bourekh; which he left with half of and still couldn’t finish it at lunch the next day.

If you’re in the area, or driving passed on your way to or from Sougia or Palaiochora, then I’d definitely recommend stopping for dinner. Go for the food, marvel at the sunset.