Golden Mile Food Centre

I’ve drunk craft beer in all sorts of places over the years, but drinking US IPA in a Singaporean hawker centre is a first for me. It’s been fifteen years since we were last here, so it’s no great surprise that the global craft beer juggernaut has arrived.

After a long flight from London, via Warsaw, with no food. It was great to find plenty of vegetarian options in the hawker centre over the road from our hotel.

What I found more surprising though, was the stall selling Deschutes, Heretic and Anderson Valley on draft, plus Stone in cans. After twenty three odd hours of travelling, I wasn’t complaining about a choice of IPA.

As it turned out, we visited the this hawker centre two nights on the trot. On our first visit, I had a lovely three curry set, with some roti. Which was absolutely gorgeous, with just the right amount of curry for the two breads.

I tried a different stall on our second visit. Opting for two smallish plates, one of aloo gobi, the other, of palak paneer. Both scooped up, with some freshly baked garlic naan. Again, the curry was excellent.

It was great to find a hawker centre so close to where we were staying. It was even better finding one with decent beer.