The Long Bar, Raffles Hotel

Fifteen years ago, after tramping around Singapore for the day, my wife and I flopped in to chairs on the Long Bar veranda. We sipped our Singapore slings and threw monkey nut shells on the floor. Since then, we’ve had two kids, while Raffles has had two renovations.

These days you’re no longer allowed to sit on the veranda. Instead, you’ll most likely find yourself queuing on it, with a load of other tourists. Our wait wasn’t so bad, at somewhere between five and ten minutes. The wait when we left looked a lot longer.

Yes, it’s a tourist trap. Yes, it’s eye wateringly expensive; at $33 a sling. Yes, you have to do it; suck up the wait and the expense.

Tho kids absolutely loved it, especially the massive bag of nuts and throwing the shells on the ground. My wife and I loved it, as it took us right back to our honeymoon. It was fabulous.

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