Wakey Wakey

When we booked our holiday, we had an Air B’nB apartment. Due to the government crack down, the host cancelled, and we ended up in a hotel. This meant that I didn’t really have the necessary recepticals to make use of my PuckPuck. So I had to find a local coffee shop as a priority.

I noticed a coffee stall in the hawker centre that we visited on the first evening. It was closed, even though the sign said it opened at 07:30. A quick Google later and I ended up in Yang Coffee & Toast, although the americano I asked for, tasted suspiciously like over stewed filter coffee.

As the kids needed breakfast, it was back on Google to see if there was anywhere better. Thankfully there was. Wakey Wakey, is home to the 2018 Singapore Barista Champion, and could be a coffee shop anywhere back home; with the stripped back aesthetic and exposed concrete.

Thankfully, the long black on the menu, was just that. At $5 a pop it’s quite expensive, but it’s plenty tasty, made right in front of you and served in proper porcelain. They also do take out, although I was charged differing amounts, on different days, by different staff; $0.50 to $1 over the sit in price.

I didn’t eat, as the morning is part of my fasting time. However, the kids loved their waffles, with fruit and maple syrup. My wife, also loved her chia coconut fruit bowl. I loved the coffee, so we were all happy. So happy, that I’ve been back for multiple coffees each morning, and we’ve eaten there multiple times.

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