Cluny Food Hall

After a morning wandering through parts of Singapore Botanic Gardens, we ended up at the Cluny Food Hall for lunch. After being gouged for drinks at Bee’s Knees earlier in the day, we thought somewhere with food Hall in the title might be more like a hawker centre, than a tourist trap.

Choice was limited to three outlets, one selling toast and drinks, the other two selling noodles and bowls. Vegetarian options were pretty non-existent, and everything had two prices, one for staff, one for everyone else.

The kids opted for chicken rice, which looked okay on the plate. However, the chicken wasn’t hot, and it was slightly pink, so they didn’t eat it. My wife was told no soup when ordering, so ended up with something that just tasted of fish sauce.

I opted for thick toast, which a was a single small slice of thck white toasted bread, with a smeer of smooth peanut butter. I also ordered two soft boiled eggs, which were mostly liquid. The guava juice I ordered, was freshly juiced, from fruit that had been preprepard and kept in a fridge; it was mank, according to the kids.

All in all, it was a near total disaster. You may well ask why we didn’t complain, and we probably should have. However, there was only one chap selling and cooking at the outlet everyone else ate at. Plus, there was a bit of a language barrier going on, at the toast outlet. So we decided to chalked it up and move on.

If I was going to the Botanic Gardens again, I’d probably take a packed lunch with me. As it was the weekend, there was loads of couples, families and groups of friends, all having picnics; it’s obviously the thing to do.

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