Cambridge Slow Swim and Picnic

On Sunday the 7th of July, my daughter and I, took part in the Cambridge Slow Swim and Picnic. Which is a 2.5KM social swim from Grantchester to Cambridge along the River Cam. With four waves, leaving at 15 minute intervals, there was a group to suit all levels of swimming ability. As I had my daughter in tow, we went in the last wave, Pooh Sticks.

The event started with registration on Sheep’s Green in Cambridge, before a wander along the the river, through Grantchester Meadows, to the start line. Each wave set off, after a short safety briefing, and headed back down the river, at their own pace, to Sheep’s Green.

We started near the back of the last wave, and an hour and seventeen minutes later, we finished; having passed all of Wave 4, most of Wave 3 and caught a few stragglers from Wave 2. We did stop by one of the trees and jump into the river, but mostly I swam breaststroke, while towing my daughter, who was on a pink rubber ring (she did kick occasionally).

I was slightly worried, as I didn’t have a wetsuit to wear. It wasn’t for want of trying to find one either, as I’d tried a few and had to send them back, as they didn’t quite fit. In the end the water temperature was adequate. While my core remained at a decent temperature, I did loose feeling in my pinkies and one of my big toes. I should perhaps invest the neoprene swimming gloves and booties that others were using.

We both enjoyed ourselves immensely though, and my daughter has said she want’s to do it again next year, which was great to hear. If you fancy taking part, then early bird entries are available until October, see the Cambridge Slow Swim and Picnic website for more details.

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