Voreia Pilsner Beer

Out with the family, off for a walk, then the beach. First it’s the E65, remember to drive in the hard shoulder.

Park at the monastery, follow the crazy paving. Stop at the cave, that stalagmite is supposed to be bear, use your imagination. More crazy paving, another monastery, a ruin this time.

Keep going down, into a gorge, follow the blue dots. Searing midday heat, no shade, no wind. The end, a wee cove, another cave, wilted, like the warm cheese sandwiches.

Back up the gorge, more heat, more people. Pass the ruins, up, up the crazy paving, slowly being boiled alive. In to the car, blessed aircon, off to the beach.

More heat, more people, still no shade. Snorkeling without a snorkel, cool at least. Food, radler, rest, the drive back to the villa, tired enough to stay in the hard shoulder willingly. Neck water, pour beer, dive into the pool, in the dark, into the darkness.

A pilsner that is so flowery, it’s practically a pale ale, looks like one too. Too sweet, lacking bite, a grainy edge. Oh for a real Pilsner, an ice cold in Ano Vouves.

18:29 UTC, 26th August 2018