Brinks Rethymnian Blonde

Up, breakfast, into the car, floor it to Χανιά on the E65, remember to drive in the hard shoulder. Park, thank [insert deity here] for Google Maps, then off to find the market. People everywhere, produce everywhere, I already hate the place and I’ve not even been here for half an hour.

The harbour, wander to the lighthouse, a brief respite from all the people, no respite from the sun in a clear sky. Then round the marina and into the old town and the backstreets. More people, more tat, more heat, everyone starting to get ratty, time for lunch.

A small veggie restaurant, nearly back where we started near the harbour. Mythos or Brink’s Blonde, hard choice. It’s full bodied, soft, with a touch of bitterness. Interestingly, the bitterness builds after eating honey. Sip slowly, otherwise it would be gone in a flash.

Back out onto baking hot streets, back to the car. Off for a drive to find some honey and olive oil in a back water village.

11:39 UTC, 25th August 2018