Balearis Estiu

Up, out into the garden, witness some fitness. Sweaty. Bag some lunch, some kids and head off into the heat. A beach, a rock, jump, repeat. Too many people to leave the bag unattended. I sit, slowly melting.

Another beach, even busier. Still can’t leave the bags. Hunt for a postage stamps worth of shade. Break out the Kindle.

Head for the lighthouse, the tip of the island. Selfies with the kids. Laugh at the fake insta-lifstyle lady and her cameraman bloke. €19 for three drinks and three lollies, past caring.

IMG 20170818 172859 01

Into an Eroski on the way home, water, water, everywhere. Spy a bottle with an interesting label, where are its pack mates? Grab it anyway, gagging for a beer.

Drive, petrol, drive, villa. Fall in the pool, blessed relief at last. Interesting label into the freezer, it’s filtered. Shower, dinner, beer? Can’t be arsed, water.

Cluedo Suspect, after dinner games. Finally feel bothered for a beer. The pour, the unmistakable aroma of a lager. The unremarkable taste of yet another lager.

Grainy, not grassy. Lacking bite. Thirsty after all, practically gone before the cards are dealt. I win. Is this beer better than Estrella, Mahon, or any of the other industrials so far?

Does it win? Maybe I should’ve picked up more cheap Urquell in Lidl.

17:24 UTC, 21st August 2017