La Gardènia Carmen White IPA

In Lidl getting supplies, wondering how people manage to shop with this kind of nonsensical layout. Cheap Pilsner Urquell, a few go in the trolley. A different aisle, different beer, cerveza artesanal, one of each will do. Is it Mallorquin? Does it matter?

Another day, a market, melting in the heat. Seemingly endless. Street after street after street after street. Stalls full of tat I don’t want and won’t buy.

Finally back at the villa, a late lunch. Time for some sun, Will you come in the pool with us Dad? No, I need a bit of peace and quiet, give me an hour. Has it been an hour yet Dad? When are you coming in the pool Dad?

Slick and sweaty from an hour in the sun, time for a beer. A White IPA, but it’s been filtered, clean as a whistle. One dimensional, just like the kids demands in the pool. Throw me Dad! Jump in with me Dad?

All coriander. Citrus and yeast missing in action. No bitterness, just disappointment. Time to get out of the pool and cook dinner.

14:46 UTC, 20th August 2017