Sullerica Blanca

A slow start to a hot day. Port de Sóller really isn’t than nice, heat radiating from all the concrete. Fleeced on the tourist tram, was it worth it for the kids? Possibly.

Cala Deià, that restaurant from The Night Manager, salty sea, scorching sun. The Cami des Ribassos back to Deià, a cafe, S’Hortet, with a garden and local craft beer.

Draft craft has just finished, Estrella? The one with the orange blossom too. Damn. Others in the fridge, not for me though, driving. Can I buy to take away?

IMG 20170816 183203 01

Back at the villa, wash the kids. Eat dinner so late it’s like we’re natives; Ottolenghi is not just for home. Beer time, finally, just before we head off into town.

A white beer, local Lemons. A touch too much carbonation. Refreshing, but glad I didn’t add all the yeast. A beer to quench the afternoon heat.

Nearly time for the Correfoc fireworks and Dimonis. Definitely time for another beer, one more suited to the sultry evening.

22:07 UTC, 19th August 2017