The Weekly Work Bake

I've baked something for my work colleagues, pretty much every week, for the last couple of years. You'd think that I'd have blogged about it, I've been missing a trick.

Cakes, cookies, bars, brownies, muffins and pies, they’ve had the whole lot. I’ve used 7UP, mayonnaise and cannellini beans as ingredients, along with the usual staples. Not all of them have been very good, a few have stuck in their tins, or haven’t quite come out the the oven quickly enough, or just been a bit, well, meh.

A few have been stupendous though. The Honey & Co. Chocolate, hazelnut & cinnamon krantz loaf was sublime; so good I made it again the following weekend for a family gathering. Justin Gellatly’s ginger cake was probably everyone’s favourite though, it was absolutely delicious and didn’t last long.

So this year, I decided I should blog about them.

09:06 UTC, 18th February 2017